Which next generation console is best

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Have you read our articles on the consols? if not click one of these links: playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, xbox 360. now you have read the articles please feel free to post your views here. also please feel free to read my opinions on the consols. dont forget to tag what you say with 4 ~ at the end of your comment.

Playstation 3: i am hugely disappointed in sonys latest efforts. i have been a Playstation fan for ages but this is the end of an era. The blueray drive is something we dont want and the price is rediculous. for the price you get little extra than the 360 at half the price.

Rating: 3/10

Xbox 360: much more like it. good value for money and the graphics are better than the PS3 easily. no blueray drive which is over priced and instead we have the HD-DVD that we would all prefere.

Rating: 7/10

Wii: inventiveness is such a good thing sometimes. The wii is far less powerful than the 360 or the PS3 but still it catches the heart of even the most stubborn of people. the fought of having to stand up while playing will be enought to turn people off, before they find out you can still play it sitting down. the controller has cuaght the eye of most developers and therefore nintendo will have a far wider selection of games on the market. I still think however, nintendo really do need to grow up with the sort off games they release. if they carry on focusing on pokemon and mario then they will never shake off the kiddie tag that they have. if they did this there would be no doubt that this consol will be very popular, despite its average graphics.

Rating: 7/10

Admin 06:55, 11 November 2006 (EST)

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