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know any cheats, tricks or tips for other pgr2 users, post them here.


Bonus Cars

   * Delfino Feroce: Complete the Kudos Challenge on Steel.
   * Ferrari 250 GTO: Complete the Kudos Challenge on Bronze.
   * Mercedes CLK-GTR: Complete the Kudos Challenge on Gold.
   * Porsche 911 GT1: Complete the Kudos Challenge on Silver.
   * TVR Cerbera Speed 12: Complete the Kudos Challenge on Platinum. 

Play Geometry Wars

First, go to the Kudos World Challenge. From there to the the car select screen. Then go to your garage. Once in your garage, press Y to walk around freely. Walk over the the arcade machine and press A. This will allow you to play the arcade game Geometry Wars, which was created just for PGR 2.

Color Yourself On Xbox Live

Like a particular color on your wheels? When you are on Xbox Live either host or join a game. Then select the car you want to change the color of (example, Porsche 911 GT1 white).

Then select a car from another class and in the color you want (example, Golf R32 blue). Hit the red button (B) until you get to the screen that says Single Player, go into Kudos Challenge and go to the area where your first car is (the Porsche 911 GT1 white in the example) and hit the green button (A) until you get to the screen with the little picture of the car on the top right of the screen.

Now go back into your created game of join a game on xbox live and your car will the be color you chose. (the example Porsche 911 GT1 white will now be blue).

Play Custom Soundtrack in Live Lobby

First, go into your options and select "Organize Custom Soundtracks". In this menu, just select a song from your custom sounds that you want to hear and select "play". The song will start playing--then hit Y to pull up your friends/players options and just quick join to one of your friends. You will be in the lobby on Live, hearing your own tunes.

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